Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maths Measurement Exploration

Room 22 have been exploring our concept of measurement and vocabulary.

On Monday we brainstormed some words to describe height, width, and length

short fat long skinny wide tall small teeny weeny tiny thin gigantic thick longest shortest shorter taller wider narrower flatter rounder

We estimated how many hands long a table was when Miss Quan used her hands and then guessed how many hands it would be for Austin to measure the table.

Danya guessed that it would take more of Austin's hands than Miss Quan's because his hands were smaller.

Manashi guessed it would be 14 of Austin's hands as it was 11 of Miss Quan's hands.
She was close! It took Austin 14 hands and a bit more (approx 1/3 of another of his hands).

Jessica and Sybella compared their hands and feet. They realized it was really important that they started at the same place so matching heel of their palms and the heel of their feet. They were the same size, both hands and feet!

Here are some photos of the other activities we did!

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